2 days and 1 night

Joiner Tour (pls check our Joiner Events link):

  • 2,800 per person for joiners tour NO minimum required (2 days and 1 night) every Saturday to Sunday of the month

Exclusive Tour (choose your own schedule):

  • 2,400 per person for groups of 14 persons
  • 2,500 per person for groups of 13 persons
  • 2,800 per person for groups of 12 persons
  • 3,000 per person for groups of 11 persons
  • 3,300 per person for groups of 10 persons
  • 3,700 per person for groups of 9 persons
  • 4,200 per person for groups of 8 persons
  • 4,800 per person for groups of 7 persons
  • 5,600 per person for groups of 6 persons


* overnight camping at Calaguas Island
* Private Van (back and forth) Manila – Daet
* Land transfer van to Bagasbas
* 3 set of Meals (variety of seafood, meat, and pulutan!!!)
* boat fare to and from Calaguas Island
* basic surfing lesson
* Certified surf instructor for the basic lesson and demonstration
* Fees and Surcharges

Excluded on the fee:

* tent pitching fee of 100/tent
* board rental – 150/hr
* on board surfing instructor – 200
* tent rental (good for 2-4) – 400

Day 0 Friday
9:00PM – Assembly at Designated Pick up or Requested
9:45PM – ETD Daet 

Day 1 Saturday
08:00AM – ETD to Paracale Gas Station
09:00AM – ETA Paracale/ Breakfast/ Buy food at Paracale market
11:00AM – ETD for Calaguas Island via boat
12:00PM – ETA Calaguas Island/ set camp explore
02:00PM – Lunch
03:00PM – Siesta/ swimming

Activities are optional

…. Spend time bumming around and taking photos of the beach. Time flies fast when you are at the beach so don’t waste it…

07:00PM – Dinner
08:00PM – Socials
10:00PM – Lights out

Day 2 Sunday
04:00AM – Wakeup call explore Hike hill overlooking Calaguas shoreline.It was a 30minute trek also paid 20pesos each
07:00AM – Breakfast
08:00AM – Break Camp
09:00AM – ETD Calaguas – Daet
11:00NN – ETD Daet
12:00PM – ETA Daet Late Lunch
01:00PM – ETA Bagasbas Surfing
05:00PM – ETD back to Daet
06:00PM – Rest Dinner
09:00PM – ETD Daet – Manila

Day 4 Monday
05:00AM – Home Sweet Home

Reservation Details:

  • 200 pesos per head is required to reserve your slot.



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