Mt. Pulag National Park , Benguet

Joiner Tour:

  • 2,699 per person for joiners tour NO minimum required (2 days and 1 night) every Saturday to Sunday of the month

Private Tour:

  • 2,300 per person for groups of 14 persons
  • 2,500 per person for groups of 13 persons
  • 2,699 per person for groups of 12 persons
  • 2,900 person for groups of 11 persons
  • 3,100 per person for groups of 10 persons
  • 3,400 per person for groups of 9 persons
  • 3,900 per person for groups of 8 persons
  • 4,100 per person for groups of 7 persons
  • 5,100 per person for groups of 6 persons
  • 5,500 per person for groups of 5 persons
  • 6,200 per person for groups of 4 persons
  • 10,000 per person for groups of 3 persons
  • 11,300 per person for groups of 2 persons

* Private van transpo Manila – Baguio – Manila
* Chartered jeep/van going to Ranger Station
* Local tour guides and porter
* 2 set of meals (hosted for 1st day Dinner and 2nd day Breakfast)
* entrance fees, guide fees and environmental fees
* Certificate of Surviving Trail
* Backyard Camping

Non Philippine residents on top charge of 15$ per head is a must.

Optional Exclusions:

  • Tent Rental : 500 per tent
  • Camp fee : 50 pesos per Tent
  • Upgrade to Homestay : 250 per head


Mt. Pulag Itinerary via Ambangeg

Day 0
2300 Assembly going to Baguio City
(MCDO Q.ave bsside BMW and Telstra Bldg, along EDSA North Bound)

Day 1
0500 ETA Baguio City. Breakfast then proceed to chartered jeep
0600 Take chartered jeepney to Ambangeg.
1000 ETA Visitors’ Center. Registration / Orientation
1130 Set out for Ranger Station
1230 ETA and lunch at Ranger.
1300 Start trek (if possible for Camp 2 or settle backyard camping at Ranger Station)
1430 ETA Camp 2
1800 Dinner at campsite; socials

Day 2
0100 Early morning trek to summit for sunrise
0545 Arrival at summit just in time for sunrise
0700 Start descent from summit
0800 Back at Camp 2
0900 Decamp; start descent to Ranger Station
1130 Back at Ranger; jeepney descent
1230 Back at Visitors’ Center; tidy up and log out
1400 Head back to Baguio City
1700 ETA Baguio City
1900 Head back to Manila
2000 Back in Manila

Reservation Details: 

  • 200 pesos per head is required to reserve your slot.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eleazar Q. Carrera says:

    Hi there biyahenihideout in the backyard camping do you provide tents or home stay, or there will be available tent for rent at the camping station? Thanks

    Eleazar Q. Carrera


    1. We have available tents for rent. You can also opt for a homestay for just 250 per head.


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