About HideOut

Owner’s Profile
Name: HideOut Travel and Tour

Born: Oct 2008

Training Certificates:

– Basic Mountaineering Course 1-4

– First Aid

– Rescue Operations

– Disaster Training Management

….and the rest are all base on the best teacher “experience”

The story behind “HideOut Travel and Tour”?

We are all backpackers / mountaineers , who have visited lots of places. We always make it to a point that we need to have at least one destination by the end of the week, if not mountain climbing, beach, or just anywhere where we can go and relax our mind from a long week of stress. During our travels we always discover new places, get to know new people. And by the end of that day we always write something about the trip.

Time comes that one of our members /founder got stranded on an island where she meet local folks that brought her to an idea of bringing more people/ guest to there place. She said that ” if I can bring more people on this island I can provide a living for this people “. She started bringing her own group, advertise on the net. And boom! all was written down in history.

Group of friends, family, and then team buildings, company outings, photo shoots.

We just started with the founder bringing up her friends to help her assist the guest, and eventually we grow to a group called “HideOut Travel and Tour” having 20 people guiding and giving our guest great experience.

What other services do we have?

HOTT are all business minded people, we do not just cater to provide tours and travels. Right now we are establishing our other ventures like HapiPics Photo Booth Rental , Kaladkad Outdoor Shop (selling outdoor apparels and stuffs), Kaladkad Outdoor Grill, and Event Organizing (such as bday parties, wedding,debut), and even Freelance Photo Coverage (Lakbay Lente).

What do we benefit from doing this?

Most of our clients are asking, “why are you doing this kind of job?”. We are all educated and professional working people. Some works in call center, I.T companies, Banks, Government. But why are we doing this?…simply because we want to share what nature has to offer, and simply because we want to help other people mostly the local folks.

We are not just dedicated to earn from what we are doing, we always make it to a point that we share what we are getting. We as well organize climb for a cause to benefit other people who are in need, outreach programs (iHelp Projects), calamity relief operations, and anything as long we can extend our help.

Are we limited to our group members only?

No, we are not limited to have just us. We are open to meet more people who want to share the same passion. Those who are willing to help and enjoy at the same time.